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Beirut takes IFEX GMs to higher standards

While setting at Abu Hassan, a Lebanese restaurant atHamra street, one said out loud:”Beiruttook IFEX GMs to a higher standard.” 

 Most of the participants at IFEX GM, especially those who attended pervious GMs, realized that this time inBeirutwas very special. I personally attended two IFEX GMs before, the one inOsloand the one inMontevideo, and I can say it, it was nothing likeBeirut. I don’t know where to start, is it the organization, hotel, food, drinks or places? Its this strange feeling of satisfaction that you get in whatever you do there. When you take a puff of shisha after finishing a perfect Lebanese meal full of Tabula, Kabbeh and Fattouch.

 Walking alongHamra street, with all those nice pubs and bars, or hanging around Danny’s or Café Hamra, are some the pleasures we enjoyed during our stay inBeirut. I am sure others might have more pleasant memories 😉

 Finally I want to thank all those who worked to facilitate this atmosphere for us. Thanks to Maharat team, IFEX team, thanks Lebanese people and thanksBeirutJ

 I just pity those who will be responsible for the next GM, as they will be required to exert much effort to take IFEX GM up to the Beirut standards.