…and in the end

(Annie Game, IFEX Executive Director)

Thanks so much to everyone who networked, shared, debated, learned, laughed and in any other way contributed their time and energy to participating at the 2011 IFEX GM and Strategy Conference in Beirut. While some stories may never surface…there is certainly enough in circulation that testifies to the success of the conference. We realise how busy you are and how hard everyone works so taking the time to prepare for and attend is very much appreciated. We were fortunate to have such great resource people on deck and a crowd of very engaged and inquiring participants…a hotbed of free expression in action; just what we all hoped for!

We also extend our thanks to the donors who contributed and saw the great value in bringing the network together and who continue to support the work of IFEX and its members. Also our appreciation goes to Maharat and the incredible hospitality of the Lebanese people who added so much to our stay while in Beirut. We all took away good memories and in many cases a few extra pounds!

We learned a lot and made new connections and reinforced others. Our hope is that the success of the conference will continue to resound in the ongoing efforts of the network in its defence and promotion of free expression and we continue to build on our successes.

Thanks again and best wishes from all of us at the Clearing House.


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