Reflections from an IFEX GM first timer

(Erin Woycik, Action Alert Coordinator)

As an Alerts Coordinator I have spent the last two and half years emailing with many of our IFEX members, asking questions about their alerts, learning from their websites and reading their reports. These past few days have allowed me to FINALLY put faces to names and to truly be inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of our network. Seeing so many representatives here in person has given me a fresh perspective both on my work and the strength of IFEX.

Yesterday I went to a Campaigns Strategy session with Rafael Barca where people from Hong Kong, Uganda, Thailand and Russia worked together to help set possible objectives for each others’ campaigns. At the Clearing House I have helped with the Campaigns section of the website, but I was so glad to have the opportunity to see Rafael bring that content to life. He was very frank about setting objectives that are achievable and making sure that organisations do not set themselves up to fail. We discussed potential allies and opponents and how to evaluate their attitudes and influence. You can read about these tools on the IFEX Tools and Resources pages.

Today I was able to listen in on discussions participants were having with Gilberto Cutrupi and Ramsey George from the Tactical Technology Collective. Their tips on changing passwords to pass-paragraphs and not leaving online login information on post-it notes have been circulating by word of mouth – I’ve now heard about them from at least 5 different people!

Thanks to everyone for their energetic contributions to these past few days. I look forward to seeing your names in my email inbox when I get back to Toronto and continuing our conversations online until we meet again!


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