Tunisian media need restructuring

Tunisian media need restructuring to play their intended role and to avoid any future setbacks in the country, opined Amal Alaraisi in today’s issue of the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat http://international.daralhayat.com/internationalarticle/272159.

She said Tunisian media had begun to feel their way to freedom of expression in a bid to recover the trust of Tunisian citizens who had been deprived of free, transparent, and honest media for over two decades.

She quoted Tunisian Press Syndicate head Naji Baghouri as saying that fundamental change in the history of “press and pens accustomed to disseminate a singular voice and view require time.”

Independent Tunisian journalists, bloggers and activists had long suffered from the heavy hand of government, but somehow managed to get their message across, at great personal risk http://www.huffingtonpost.com/magda-abufadil/tunisian-medias-quantum-l_b_812536.html.

As someone who has visited,  and reported from, pre-revolution Tunisia, I fully agree with the view that Tunisian media are at an historic moment to shift from a police state environment to a more open landscape, despite the rocky transition.

But journalists must be nurtured in how to cover news in an accurate, fair and balanced fashion — something to which they have been unaccustomed.


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